shedding light on hearing loss problems

He couldn stay cooped up. This year, Youpee and Gerlach hatched a plan to head to Santa Cruz, where Youpee said he knew some counselors and social workers who he believed could help them get sober and off the streets. Gerlach said he could see his friend health declining as the whites in his eyes yellowed during his last few months..

Even if they have nice voices, they don’t make money out of it,” says Hubert Furuguta, a local activist and artist running for elections for the first time. He wears a slouchy beret, a sweater is knotted around his shoulders and colourful bands circle his wrists.”Politicians profit from musicians,” he says, later adding that although he’s been named in music, he’s never asked for or paid for it.”They know my value and it’s coming straight from their heart.”For ordinary Congolese, rumba is a refuge, a rambunctious distraction from endemic poverty, endless conflict and the appalling failures of the state.”It’s easy to dance to,” says Patrick Amisi, 44, on a recent Saturday night at a bar called Ana where Kibombo is playing. Wearing a ruby silk shirt and beige pants, he spreads his arms and sways his hips.”I feel like I can escape.

Say he is getting little better but time will tell any brain injury time is the key. Said the BB penetrated his son skull and can be seen on X ray images. Jade Goodridge has said his son could suffer lasting effects from the wound, including problems with vision, motor skills, balance and coordination.

Usually in my blog posts I try to tease a lesson, or an illuminating theme, from the many striking moments I witness in my work at Bethesda Cares. I try to humanize the people we walk past in the street, to shed light on the complexities and indignities comprising the misery of their lives in hopes that we will understand and care, just a bit more. But the takeaway from this vignette is so obvious that all I can do is rant:.

After being picked to win the Stanley Cup and coming up short, Daniel Alfredsson scored what still might be the biggest goal in franchise history: The overtime winner against the Buffalo Sabres in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. The captain skated the puck over the Buffalo blue line and snapped a shot past Ryan Miller that would land the Senators in the championship series for the first time, quickly getting mobbed by Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley as the rest of the team spilled onto the ice. The only reason this isn at No.

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