injured gull turns on potty

Yeah. All she knew was that her son was not in that lake. She just knew it, knew it like a mom knows something just deep inside of her. IT DOESN’T JUST GO AWAY Running late and disorganized as usual, I asked for the person who was guiding my tour. “Yeah, I’m supposed to meet with Mike for a tour?” There were all kinds of snacks on the front desk and it occurred to me that maybe they were placed there as a defensive measure. Like, even though the air is filled with the scent of poop, this is still a wonderful place to work, because there are snacks.

Fast forward three years. WELCOME TO THE PRESENT DAY! The kind and capable Harris family, Alistar and Rebecca, took over operations on the farm. Alistar had been farm manager already, so the transition was barely noticeable, but for the new website and name Farm.

Unflattering mug? Police in Lima, Ohio circulated this mugshot of a man they had been seeking, Donald “Chip” Pugh, in January of 2015. Pugh apparently thought it was unflattering. He sent in a “selfie” for them to use instead while he was still on the lamb.

What began as the dream of Minot native and then college student, Dan Hansen, nearly 10 years ago, has now grown from a one day music festival to a three day extravaganza. Originating in the heart of the Magic City at Oak Park to support a local teen, Zac Demers, in his fight against brain cancer, the event has since moved and expanded after the 2011 Mouse River flood. With growing community support, the festival brings quality, multi genre music and family friendly fun for a good cause.

Metro Police said the suspect they arrested in Friday’s robbery at the Bellagio scored up to $45,000 in cash and proceeded to celebrate with a wild night on the town. Saturday to reports of a suspicious man who checked in to the Hard Rock Hotel, police said.A tourist had informed police that a man paid him $300 to rent a room and an additional $405 for the actual room at the hotel. The man claimed to not have any identification, police said.Police were able to confirm the suspect’s location in the hotel through surveillance video.He was wearing the same shirt he had worn to commit the robbery, and he had several prostitutes with him in his room, police said.Four of the women were detained as they fled the suspect’s room, carrying more than $7,000 in cash that the suspect had paid them, police said.Some of the money was wrapped in bands with the word “Bellagio” on it, police said.The prostitutes said the suspect took them shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.A search warrant executed on the Hard Rock room revealed, among other things, $10,000, a 6 mm BB gun with an orange tip, and a small black backpack identical to the one used in the robbery, police said.In an interview with officers, the suspect demonstrated erratic behavior but denied being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, police said.He would laugh inappropriately and could not recall his address or telephone number, police said.He claimed to have come across the backpack full of money in a casino parking lot.Police were able to connect the suspect to the Bellagio robbery and another at a City National Bank through surveillance footage.In both cases, the suspect had forced an employee to fill a black backpack with money while he pointed a handgun with an orange tip at them, police said.The Bellagio employee who was robbed estimates giving the suspect $35,000 to $45,000.The suspect is being held at the Clark County Detention Center, where he was booked on counts of robbery with use of a deadly weapon, burglary with use of a deadly weapon and grand larceny.Police initially identified Jesse Jones, 32, as a person of interest in the case.Jones was not the person who was arrested and is no longer considered a person of interest, police said.

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