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For all those people who say reporters are wimps, don go out to the front lines or just love to hate on the troops, read this story which is the latest in a package from NY Times. It a wonderfully written story about the Medavac crews over in Afghanistan. I have a special spot of love for these guys not just because I took EMT training here in Peoria for a number of years or that this is what I wanted to do with my life before life got in the way or that MASH was the biggest show on TV during my formativeyears.

When the first gunshot rang out, Donkers said he and his friend were face to face, looking each others eyes . Her eyes widened. Second shot came about three seconds later. Donkers who told the jury he was near sighted was able to lean back and see the and colours of tail lights and a person crouching down beside the driver side corner..

At the recent Annual NSWTA Blues Dinner held last Saturday night at Bankstown Sports Club, Berkeley Vale Rugby League Sports Club Touch Operations Manager Shayne Hayne was awarded Administrator of the Year in the Hunter Western Region. This award capped off a memorable day with Shayne, along with Mark O’Hagan and Greg Jacklin being awarded Life Membership of the Berkeley Vale Rugby League Sports Club at the Junior Rugby League Presentation earlier that day for his work done through Touch Football and for Junior League Club. Although Shayne didn’t go onto win the Major NSWTA Administrator of the year, to be recognised as the best Touch Administrator in the Hunter Western area is a fantastic achievement for him and the Club.

Once the cat is accustomed to coming inside for food, start giving meals inside. Close the door or window while the cat is eating, but open it immediately if she gets panicked and wants out. The goal, McGeorge says, is to gradually let the cat see that coming indoors is safe and comfortable.

Doctors listened to Bear’s heart at every checkup. Everyone asked Katie how Bear was feeling. For every hospital visit, Bear was the first item she made sure got packed. De Grasse became just the third Canadian to break the 10 second barrier in the 100 metres behind Donovan Bailey and Bruny Surin. (Ben Johnson ran sub 10 as well but the convicted doper’s times were erased from the record books). The young star also broke the Canadian record in the 200 metres this past season..

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