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Bennett Swanson was 11 when her dream of someday playing college basketball started materializing. She says her AAU coach Jeff Pagliocca helped her understand that she had the potential to do great things in the sport. She trained five days a week with him.

For Nicole and Christian, life nowadays is a collision of fear and joy, of excitement and anxiety. There are so many unknowns about prognosis and survival the McDonalds have had to find comfort in uncertainty. Christian says they understand or both twins can be neurologically challenged or they can have a mental or physical handicap as a result of the operation..

“If you want to be a political pundit, you’re coming on my court, okay? Let’s do it. Let’s have a real conversation about black unemployment,” she said on her show. “Let’s talk about violence in the inner city. The surprise continued through the appetizers, a choice between Vegetable Terrine ($3.75) and Frogs Legs Tempura ($4.25). When was the last time you ran across frog legs tempura at your local luncheon counter? Presented in a small pyramid shape, the terrine, which was really more of an aspic, glinted with the pieces of vegetable. Cool and refreshing, it came with a lemon aioli that helped brighten an already engaging dish..

I dunno, I didn’t mean to be this long winded. Maybe it’s not the same, because it’s just a cheap little hamster. They’re just classroom pets for children after all. Since signing up for the rewards program, I work out 6 days a week. You also get points for working out really hard (measured with heart rate monitor). Now I work out harder.

Of my ancestry I know almost nothing. In the slave quarters, and even later, I heard whispered conversations among the coloured people of the tortures which the slaves, including, no doubt, my ancestors on my mother’s side, suffered in the middle passage of the slave ship while being conveyed from Africa to America. I have been unsuccessful in securing any information that would throw any accurate light upon the history of my family beyond my mother.

But wait. Why are we approaching data and metadata as negative? Maybe metadata is good, and maybe it somehow leads to a more focused existence. Maybe, in future, mega metadata will be our new frequent flyer points system. Allman: “Oh, well, I had things going on with the brothers. You know, just life’s changes. Uh, 2002, everybody’s producer within the brothers’ whole camp, Tommy Dowd, passed away.

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