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On the final day of the convention, I took my three year old daughter for a couple of hours to see the artists at work, either sketching for an upcoming tattoo, drawing flash, or at work tattooing on some body part. She seemed genuinely enthused and not at all frightened about the noise or sometimes “spooky” imagery. She introduced herself to strangers, showed them her drawings, and rejected theirs.

Color. The color of the bathing suit can also help to give you a more flattering bathing suit. There are brightly colored bathing suits, but these can be difficult to pull off especially since bright colors add emphasis on the bust and hips, which you may not want to overly emphasize.

Minnesota forbids voters from wearing in a polling place political badges, buttons or other insignia designed to “influence and impact” voting, or “promoting a group with recognizable political views,” even if the things worn do not refer to any candidate or issue on that day’s ballot. Nine other states have similar laws, and all 50 states have “speech free zones” around polling places. Cilek’s T shirt featured the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread on Me”) and a small tea party logo.

At least 10 alarms have gone off at Stoneman Douglas, the site of the Feb. 14 massacre, since school started Aug. 15; only three were planned. Like how the one explorer found peace at the end by helping humans rebuild beaches. Because there might be no beaches by then in an era after the oceans rose a whole bunch and then stabilized. I had never considered that beaches were the result of stable sea level just pounding away over a geologic time period..

I stopped carrying canvas bags other than for groceries, since I found the canvas causes pilling even on plain cotton shirts.I know this isn some super insightful idea, but so far my sweaters from JCrew, the Gap, Uniqlo and other places have been faring alright :)I feel a bit like a broken record because I linked this a couple times recently, but I like Into Mind quality guide, which goes a tiny bit into how different fabrics are manufactured and a bit about pilling. In general though, the more gently you treat it, the less it should pill. I taken to washing basically all of my nicer tops by hand with Soak detergent (so I don have to agitate too much or rinse) and dry them on a rack.

Shanahan’s, 2009 Ogden Ave., Downers Grove, (630) 725 9110: Food and drink specials run from Saturday through Wednesday, including $8 pitchers of green Miller Lite, $5 Irish car bombs, $16 Killian’s pitchers and $8.95 corned beef sandwiches. Saturday followed by karaoke, and Wednesday features Irish dancers, bagpipers and live music from Bobby K Steve. Wednesday serving up $4 Kilkenny Irish Ale drafts..

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