Get ready to gear up for the 8th National Harm Reduction conference.

The 8th National Harm Reduction conference will take place at the midpoint of President Obama‚Äôs first term. It will be an ideal time to reflect upon what progress we have made. Our work addressing the health and social justice needs of drug users has often been one that has been oppositional but now perhaps we can expect support. Will there be a commitment to preventing drug overdoses among users? Will Congress have appropriated real money to fight viral hepatitis? Will this Administration tackle mass incarceration? Will there be talk of drug treatment on demand? Will there be funding for syringe exchange now that the heinous federal ban has finally gone? However it is, our struggle remains an intense one when it comes to undoing the decades of propaganda — the cornerstone of the drug war.

Amidst the hope and adversity of our times, comes the 8th National Harm Reduction conference. It will be a place to organize, network, relax, refresh, reboot, and rekindle.Austin in November is a great place to be. The weather is good. The ambience is hot and the conference will be awesome. It is your conference, so bring your best ideas, experiences and passion. We are a diverse crew of drug users, ex-users, researchers, frontline workers, social workers, doctors, nurses, politicians, policy wonks, but all harm reductionists at heart. Get your abstracts written and submitted!

See you there,

Allan Clear
Executive Director