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Matthew Whitaker, the acting attorney general, probably won’t recuse himself from the Russia investigation that he’s now overseeing. That’s a problem for a lot of people, who say his past comments in which he expressed deep skepticism about the probe should disqualify him from leading the investigation. Others say Whitaker’s appointment is unconstitutional because he hasn’t been confirmed by the Senate.

Meanwhile, despite the hundreds of millions of dollars she has raised for her party, nearly 60 Democratic House candidates have returned the favor by calling for new leadership. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez June 26 primary upset of one of Pelosi lieutenants, Representative Joe Crowley of New York, highlighted the restlessness of the party grassroots, and Pelosi erstwhile allies in the Congressional Black Caucus have pushed Representative James Clyburn to challenge her. Even the New York Times editorialized that she should go..

Medical volunteer giving medicine to activist behind the barricade in central Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014. Ukraine opposition called off a massive rally planned for Sunday because of the funeral for a protester killed in clashes with police last week, underscoring the rising tensions in the country two month political crisis.

Drag queen performer Brooke Lynn Hytes is shown in this undated handout photo. Hytes is filling some tall shoes as the first Canadian competitor in the history of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The popular reality TV series revealed the line up of contestants for its 11th season in a live YouTube announcement. Hytes is the drag queen persona of Etobicoke, Ont.

Going to have a scavenger hunt for anyone who comes in, she said. Get a little card when they get there, visit the tent sites and walk around the track. When they turn that in at the end of their lap they can win prizes. Rose’s family released a statement through its lawyer, S. Lee Merritt, noting Rose was not armed when he was shot, “that he posed no immediate threat to anyone” and that the driver had not been arrested after being questioned. Lee Merritt, Esq.

En avril2018, MBS a accord une entrevue au magazine The Atlantic. Il a dclar: crois que chaque peuple, o que ce soit, a le droit de vivre dans sa nation pacifique. Je crois que les Palestiniens et les Israliens ont le droit d’avoir leur propre terre Cette dclaration a fait l’effet d’une bombe.

While she wears a headdress, her clothes are full of color and her face is exposed. Yet there is despondency to her pose, and she sits in front of a curtained window. 1500 East, 801 468 1515, through Aug. Your dog must be vaccinated. Humans can’t smoke (this is bolded). Dogs can’t be unruly or “in heat” or bite someone; “you are responsible” (also bolded).

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